Leicester vs West Ham Match Preview

After Southampton’s defeat at the hands of Boro on Saturday evening we again have the slimmest of chances to still achieve automatic promotion (although we need some sort of miracle from Coventry on the last day). However if I’m honest I can’t see it, whether you agree or not the one thing I would say is that, let’s not lose automatic promotion… We need to make Southampton win it. Sadly I don’t expect this game to be easy even if Leicester‘s season is over.

We need to go into the play-offs with momentum, particularly after missing out on automatic promotion. The likes of Vaz Te, Lansbury and Nolan can create this momentum for us at West Ham. While I am fearful of picking up serious injuries prior to our most important games of the season we can’t go into them games shaky after poor performances.

If we win our two games you never know anything could happen, but whatever happens we need good performances and as many points as possible.

I don’t imagine Sam resting any players while there is still a chance, however slim, of automatic promotion. If we fail to win today then I would expect Vaz Te especially to be rested against Hull but you cannot give up until it is mathematically impossible, I can’t see it, but you never know.

Prediction: Sadly I am not very confident going into this game and can see Leicester causing us some problems… 1-1 maybe sneaking it 2-1 but maybe that’s just me hoping.



One thought on “Leicester vs West Ham Match Preview

  1. It’s going to be a very tough game. We need Vaz Te to be on it. Hopefully Fat Sam will be positive and go for it if we aren’t winning towards the end of the game. Would love it to go to the last game. COYI!!!!!

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